Best Online Casinos 2023

Discover the Best Online Casinos 2023 and get ready for the top online casinos at your fingertips. At 99casinos we take the hard work out of finding the best online casinos online so you can spend more time having fun and placing bets without having to worry about your online safety.

There are thousands of casinos and gambling sites that you can enter online, each with unique games, different offers, deals and rules and regulations. Trying to navigate your way through this crowded marketplace can leave your head spinning. For a clear and easy to understand guide when it comes to top online casinos, you can trust us. We take the time to carefully review and check each online casino and only provide you with the best online gambling sites on the market.

So forget about cybercrime, dodgy websites and poorly managed websites and focus your time on doing what you really enjoy. Find the best online gambling sites 2023 right here, right now!

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How to Find the Top Online Casinos

Our online casino experts follow a particular set of criteria to determine whether a gambling site is reputable, reliable, free from fraud and cybercrime and should be listed on 99casinos.

We not only check whether an online casino is licensed and provides a safe environment for online games, but we also review the variety of games, the graphics and software and the overall experience from a players point of view. So if you’re searching for an easy to use, trustworthy and licenced top online casino that will give you a wide range of exciting games to play, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Online Casinos to Avoid Cybercrime

Gambling online involves taking risks and this is certainly why placing a bet, rolling a dice or holding your cards close to your chest, is such a thrilling experience. However, no-one wants to gamble with their online security.

Global cybercrime is said to account for $6 trillion each year. With cybercrime becoming more difficult to track, trace and avoid and online scams designed to cheat honest people out of their hard earned cash, being more advanced than ever before, it’s important to be alert and switched on when gambling online. To avoid scammers and fraud, you should only use top online casinos that hold a valid gambling licence.

The most popular licenses are issued by the following regulators:

To find top online casinos, make sure that their gambling license is issued by one of the above regulators. If it is issued by another regulator, or it is a different kind of license altogether, your safety and money may be at risk.

Top Online Casinos & Software and Graphics

Being fully immersed in an online game depends on the skills and talent of game developers. When a game has incredible graphics, an interactive and interesting theme, you can feel completely lost in a new virtual world.

Top online casinos will tend to invest heavily in their software and graphics to provide online gamers with the ultimate experience online. Life-life graphics, sounds and themes can replicate the real world and if you enjoy the experience you’re likely to stick around and play. On the other hand, gambling sites with poor, neglected games that contain glitches, bugs and don’t allow you to escape the real world often fail to attract online players. The overall user experience of an online casino is so important for both an online casino and for those looking to play online. This is why our online casino experts take user experience into account when assessing the best online gambling sites.

We will review the follow under top online casino user experience:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Properly developed
  • User-friendly

How to Choose the Best Online Gambling Sites

These days everything seems to be moving online. Now we can communicate, shop, research, read, work and even bet online. Online casinos are big business and it’s estimated that 1.6 billion people gamble each year. Whether you enjoy playing slots, roulette, blackjack or poker, there is no doubt that you will be joining millions of other online players taking advantage of the best online gambling sites. Being able to choose a website that is reliable and provides your favorite games can be time consuming, difficult and confusing.

That’s where 99casinos can help. Our top online casino experts take the time and effort needed to assess and review the best online casinos on the market, making it easier than ever before to pick a great online casino to explore.
Here’s a breakdown of how our team reviews each online casino and how you too can find the best online gambling sites to use.

Depositing and Withdrawal Options

This can make or break your online gambling experience. Rather than waste time on a website that doesn’t accommodate your preferred depositing and withdrawal methods, quickly review their payment options and payment security measures before browsing games.

Games Selection

The best online gambling sites will provide players with a wide selection of exciting games to play. The games should be of high-quality with fantastic graphics and great user experience. This will allow players to become fully immersed in the thrilling virtual casino experience. A reputable top online casino should include both classic games such as poker and slot as well as modern variations and unique games to play.


To assess a top online casino, we look at reliability. The reliability of an online casino can be measured by the percentage of winnings. The more cash you get, the more trust you have. In an ideal situation, the percentage almost equals 100%.


Honesty can be a difficult thing to evaluate online. As a rule, successful and honest sites attempt to solve problems with money in a customer’s favor, as they value their reputation as a top online casino. If a gambling site doesn’t try to put the customer first or work hard to provide solutions, it’s best to avoid them in the future.


As we’ve already mentioned, online crime is rife and your safety online is paramount. When looking for a top online casino, pay close attention to the website’s security certifications, data protection, data encryption and any other measures in place to protect players online.


Reputation is key to finding the best online gambling sites. The popularity of a casino among gamblers reflects trust, reliability and quality. Online reviews are important factors to consider before choosing to use an online casino. However, be aware that some reviews are fake and have been paid for by the casino. You can often spot fake reviews as they are repetitive, don’t provide reference to a genuine experience and the review is placed on a site with many online ads.


Luxury refers to the quality of a top online casino. If you imagine an online casino as a bank. Would you put your money in an unknown bank that has sprung up on the high street, that doesn’t have any positive reviews and lacks technology and software solutions? A top online casino will invest in it’s platform, graphics and game developers, and will provide trusted payment methods, security protocols and will hold a valid license.

There are also additional criteria to consider when choosing an online casino, that aren’t just based on the look and feel of the platform and the security elements.

Here is a list of additional requirements you should consider when choosing a top online casino:

  1. The simplicity of the interface. You must not face difficulties in finding information on the website.
  2. Software. Does the site use trusted brands and leading providers of software.
  3. The diversity of games. Only the best online casinos can provide customers with game variety. One page casinos with ten games usually don’t last long.
  4. The relevance of games. 3D games, Marvel comics, games about famous movies and the latest trends of the gambling world usually only occur on the top online casinos.
  5. Bonuses. Of course, a sign of a good attitude is generosity. Carefully examine all bonus offers. Remember that usually, bonuses too good to be true can be an online trap for newcomers.
  6. Reviews. Opinions of players are one of the main factors, and you can trust them. Avoid paid reviews though.
  7. Support. It must be available 24/7 with all possible means of communication: online chat, phone, email. Top online casinos will offer players support and assistance.

Top Tip: When choosing the best online casino, you can put together a list of pros and cons in order to find the best casino for your online galmbling preferences.

Best Online Casinos You Can Trust

Most online gambling sites are unregulated and this poses a big problem for online players.

In order to find the best online gambling sites and avoid stepping on a minefield so to speak, let our casino experts help identify the top online casinos for you. Our mission is to help online gamers avoid scams and fraud and enjoy the experience of an online casino without having to worry about the safety, security and reliability of the online casino they’re using.

No registration! Instant sports & casino action!
Welcome pack up to €200 + 200 freespins
Welcome Offer up to €500 + 225 Free Spins

Best Online Casinos FAQs

Before you join any online gambling site, ensure they have a type of help or “get in touch with us” page. Here you should discover something like one way for contact, yet the more the better.

Try to call, visit, or email the site with a test request, and get an attractive answer before you play. This will basically guarantee that the site thinks about their players. Any great gambling site will do so.

If a casino is regulated, it operates based on the license issued by a regulator. So, check if the license is valid in your country.

No, not all of them are safe. Check if they are regulated before you make any deposit. Always remember that gambling is risky. Be prepared to lose all that you have deposited. That might happen even if the casino is safe.

Here are the most useful pieces of advice on the things you should pay attention to:

  • Check the Casino’s Rank. This will let you know the reviews other people have left regarding their experience.
  • Read Terms and Conditions Carefully. Each online site has its own particular terms and conditions that serve as a guide on how you should utilize their services.
  • Ensure the terms are unique, and not stolen from another online website.
  • -Investigate the Casino’s History. On the off chance that you feel great about the site’s terms and conditions, the thing you ought to do is to investigate how it operated before. Try to discover when the casino was founded. As a rule, the older a gambling site is, the simpler it will be to look into it.

No, not at all. Everybody understands that your PC resources are more precious for you than any game. So, you play right in your browser. This saves your PC resources and your time.

Before you are providing any information, make sure that the URL of the page starts with “https”, instead of just “http”. The first option means, that the connection is SSL protected, hence, your information is safe. If a casino doesn’t protect the information of its users, it is dangerous to deal with such a casino.

Now, you know how to make sure the best online casino is worth your attention. So, open your browser, check those casinos that you have selected, and verify if they comply with all the above-mentioned requirements.