Casinos Without Danish License

Many Danish gamblers today choose to play at good foreign online casinos without a Danish license. There are several reasons why the process of choosing online betting and gaming site often ends up with a foreign online casino.

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100% up to €150 + 150 Bonus Spins
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Many of the best foreign casinos on the internet offer new players some very attractive welcome bonuses and lots of free spins on their slot machines without a deposit.

These big free spins bonus payouts, as well as a cash bonus, offers at the casinos clearly attract many players from all over the world. But other factors also draw players abroad when it comes to online gaming offers. Read more here at about the pitfalls, the benefits and legislation regarding foreign casinos without Danish license and online gambling in general.

For example, right now you can get up to 200 free spins on the latest foreign gaming machines. Often, the casino does not require any cash deposits to receive these free bonus spins and top-up cash bonuses. These new foreign casino sites often offer some attractive bonus deals every week for all active players. And if you play big, then you will be offered some special VIP deals which are almost as good as big players and high rollers get at the physical casinos in Reno or Las Vegas.

Online Casinos Without a Danish License - More Gambling Opportunities

The best foreign online casinos, betting and gambling sites without a Danish license typically offer an incredibly wide range of gambling options that are not usually offered in the local casinos.

You will be able to experience gameplay that extends far beyond the games you probably already know such as Slots, Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Video-Poker, Bingo, etc. There has been a greater demand, for various reasons, to play at the best online casinos without NemID, which also means betting and casino games without a Danish license. These are the gaming sites where you can safely deposit real money and where you can also receive your winnings without any problems. It is this type of the best online casinos without a Danish license you will find on this site. See also our favorite Danish-based online casinos.

An Online casino Without a Danish License Can Be Both Good and Bad

Although many online casinos claim to be perfectly safe, not all of them are real and good gaming sites, and if you lack insight, you might get in trouble. A decision to play at a foreign casino or betting site without a Danish license can, unfortunately, be a hit or miss. Therefore this Guide shows you some of the best foreign casino sites without a Danish license, where you can safely deposit your money if you want to play online poker without a Danish license, or perhaps play on the best foreign gaming machines without limitations. Here you will also be able to read about the legal side of gambling at casinos abroad. As well as the settlement of personal tax on winnings won at physical or online casinos without Danish licenses that you must report.

2019 Guide to Online Casinos Without Danish License

Before choosing one of the many foreign casinos, betting sites or other online venues, it is a good idea to master the guidelines and rules that these casinos may have, and that are different from Casinos with a Danish license. There are literally thousands of opportunities to play slot machines and classic casino games on the internet. And you should learn to recognize unreliable and dangerous casinos by following this online casino gambling guide. We recommend that you only sign up for accredited, reliable and reputable foreign online casinos and online betting sites.

Odds and Betting Pages Without Danish License

As some of the gambling sites are out of control of the Danish gaming authorities, you lose the security it gives you at some level. Just be aware that even if you play at a casino with a Danish license, it does not mean that the casino is excluded from the list of fraudulent casinos doing tricks that most often cost players money. Quite a lot of the biggest foreign casinos are run by top professionals and are often managed by their local gaming authorities which can be no less strict than the Danish gaming authorities.

Choose Only Recommended Foreign Casinos

Avoid unreliable and new foreign casinos and betting sites. Unclear terms and conditions, unrealistic bonuses and promotions as well as various promotions that may seem rather unreliable even to an inexperienced gambler. Likewise, an unknown casino license, an unknown software vendor as well as various unknown and independent auditors may be some of the signs of bad and perhaps outright unreliable casinos, bookmakers or betting sites without a Danish license. So there may be different foreign betting sites without a license that you should probably avoid or for which you should at least take some precautions. And especially before you deposit your own money to play for. You can choose to take advantage of some of the best foreign casino recommendations found here. There are all good Danish and international online casinos we have reviewed individually for, among other things, sincerity and fairness.

Why Play at an Online Casino Without Danish License?

  • Large foreign casinos have players from all over the world. This creates a greater demand for a wide and exciting selection of all types of sports betting and casino games.
  • Extremely attractive welcome bonus offers, as the international competition to attract new players is extreme.
  • Many free spins on slot machines, free spin bonuses attract many Danish casino players.
  • VIP casino programs that give their loyal players and high-rollers some extremely attractive bonuses and unique gaming opportunities.
  • The best foreign casino sites without NemID are generally better at gratifying their players. This also applies to players who only play for small amounts.
  • Are you most interested in playing live casino online? Then you will be able to experience some opportunities that are only available at online casinos abroad.
  • Extreme winning opportunities due to the massive amount of players who make big winnings and mega jackpot pools. These can actually be won with very small bets
  • Greater return when you are in luck (even after you have settled personal Tax on gains in Denmark)
  • You can play and gamble more anonymously as you do not have to log in to play with NemID (which can, however, present challenges for people who have signed up for Rofus gambling addiction program.
Thoroughly Examine Unknown Foreign Casino Websites

If you want to find a casino without a Danish license you want to play at, you must do your homework on the Internet yourself. You can try searching the casino and see if you can find negative comments on many different forums on casinos and gambling websites. You can be pretty sure that if a foreign online casino has cheated players or otherwise behaved unprofessionally, then you will find information on this, thereby easily avoiding these online casinos without a Danish license. The issues that may be associated with unreliable foreign casino sites may include anything from unethical behavior, failure to pay or delayed payouts, no response to contact attempts or general poor customer service. Really good advice is if you are in doubt whether the casino site is a good choice, go look for another casino. There are a lot of online casinos abroad to choose from, and since many of these are top professional casino sites there is no need to take chances.

Online Games Without NemID

Unfortunately, there are still some of these questionable online casinos on the web, and if you choose a different online casino without a Danish license, other than the ones recommended here, then the best way to avoid these casinos is to look at their license and which jurisdiction they are governed by.

Look for trusted gambling regulators and jurisdictions online, such as eCogra, Malta LGA, United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Alderney Gambling Control Commission and the Government of Gibraltar. Our experience has shown that too many online gaming services can be considered unreliable. This is one of the reasons we give you these tips. So our visitors who use our recommendations can use a reputable, safe and secure online casino without a Danish license.

Online Casino Terms and Conditions

Various foreign gaming websites have their own terms and conditions. And you should take the time to read them before opening an account. As a rule, you should look at the general terms and conditions of your gaming activity and the terms and conditions of bonuses and promotional offers. The general terms and conditions may exclude players from different countries or exclude games with a different currency from the currency of the country you are playing from. There may also be certain limits on deposit and withdrawal, etc. So it is best to be aware of all these restrictions before signing up for an online casino for games without a Danish license.

The selected foreign online casinos you will find on this page have all proven to meet the expectations of Danish players about high-quality online casino games, casino credibility and a very high level of service. At the same time, there are gaming sites where many big attractive winnings are paid out where everyone has a real chance of being involved. The casinos have also been praised for their very quick payouts of winnings, without any hassle.

Understand the Casino Bonus Rules and Free Spins on Slot Machines

Make sure you understand the rules. Especially for the casino bonus packages on offer. For these welcome bonus offers are not to be considered mandatory and it is you who decides completely whether you want to accept the terms and conditions or not. Of course, in almost all cases, it is an advantage to receive these different welcome bonus offers. The bonuses are offered just to get you as an online casino customer to choose the specific casino. After all, if you wish to refuse your bonus, it can always be automatically credited from your deposit, and you can cancel it by contacting the casino's customer support. Just remember that once you have received your welcome bonus from a casino, then you can no longer opt out of your welcome bonus.

Where Do You Find The Best Deals With Many Free Spins Today?

The Danes' perpetual hunt for the best deals also applies when it comes to choosing the casinos that offer the best bonus packages with, among other things, lots of free spins for slot machines. And why not take advantage of these huge deals when the casino offers them? You may come by as generous offers as 200free spins for new players! There are many offers like that that you can see here on the site, whether it is on good foreign gambling sites without a Danish license or the ones approved by the Danish government.

What is a Spin?

A "spin" is basically a single try on a slot machine. And that applies both to online slots and the physical version of them. So when you see casino’s welcome offer with Free Spins Bonus, it means you can play a certain number of "turns" or "spins" on their slot machines. There may be various limitations to these free spins offers. You are free to read more about the difference between different versions of the free spins. Regardless, a Free Spin is exactly what it says, namely a Free Spin with Profit Opportunity, on a physical or an online slot machine.

Free Spins Without Deposit

Or, free spins with no deposit have the same meaning, and it means that you receive an agreed number of free spins without depositing any cash beforehand. Most often, however, you must register at the casino or gaming website before receiving these free spins in your welcome bonus package. Often, you can receive 25-50 free spins without first deposit. You can expect to be offered more spins if you deposit for the first time.

Free Spins Upon Registration

Receiving free spins at registration is another way to get your free spins. Here you must register to receive your bonus spins for the casino slot machines. The registration is, of course, the casino's "win" but it also gives you bonus spins with which you may even be lucky to win prizes. You should expect the casino to take every opportunity to contact you by email or phone, depending on the data you provided during registration. You can always delete your account whether or not they have provided your free spins.

Foreign Casinos Free Spins at First Deposit

The third option to receive free spins is to take advantage of the very generous offers from the casinos for the new players. Here you get your spins on the first deposit. There are many free features at stake, often for a minimal deposit. 200+ free spins are not uncommon. And the casinos offer you extra spins per week under different conditions. It is often seen that it is the largest and the most reputable foreign online casinos that offer massive welcome gifts with many free spins. The conditions are the same as at Danish online casinos with a Danish license.

Always read the terms for free spins very carefully before signing up for a Danish or foreign casino online, not to mention thorough research before depositing real money to receive the free spin bonus. There may be a number of conditions for a certain playthrough rate for players to be able to have their winnings paid out. Of course, if you receive free spins without a deposit, you can take it a little easier as you can simply delete your account at the casino at any time. Whether it is a foreign casino without a Danish license or more well-known Danish casinos.

Slots Without a Danish License Often Mean Huge Jackpots

Many of foreign gaming websites often offer huge jackpot pools. These jackpot pools build up at lightning speed as several of the major online casinos cooperate to deposit in these pools. Thus, every spin made by a player on a slot machine from whatever foreign casino without a Danish license helps to build the jackpot prize pool.

Thus, these huge Jackpot-winning pools arise and attract many international and especially Danish players. To understand the scale of these mega pools on the best foreign casino sites, a progressive Jackpot pool can easily exceed 1,000,000 Euro. This will never be possible at a Danish licensed online casino.

Create an Account at Tour Favorite Foreign Online Casino

If you are satisfied with the terms and conditions of the casino, the next step is to create an account. Download gaming software or choose to play immediately (where no special software or casino apps are required to download). Almost all foreign casinos online offer free gaming accounts, so you can try various online casino games completely free and with no deposit. Which for some would be a good idea especially before choosing to play with real money. Creating an account to deposit real money is usually quick and easy. Simply provide your full name, date of birth, email address, physical address, telephone number and choose your currency and bank transfer method. Payments at online casinos and venues without a Danish license are usually quick and easy as well. All recommended online casinos on this site accept a selection of deposit and withdrawal methods. Please note that deposit and withdrawal methods may vary depending on the country you create your account and play from. Please note that some of the casinos mentioned on this website may be foreign casinos without a Danish license with the advantages and disadvantages this may provide.

The Best Foreign Casinos Without a Danish License Will Give You Easy Access to Payouts

Foreign casinos without NemID have in the past been renowned for making payouts difficult. Especially if you had won big. This is no longer the case, however, but it is still important to stick to recommended foreign gaming sites to ensure there are real companies you can trust.

Online Casino Payout Winnings and Deposits

Whether you won, or just want to withdraw money from your account, when requesting cash, they are almost always refunded to the payment method you used for depositing. If the amount you have won is too large, it can be paid by bank transfer. Sometimes, various foreign online casinos and betting websites may require identification to process your first payout. This is a normal procedure aimed at preventing fraud and making it safe for both players and the casino. Credentials are only requested once. And once your account status has been confirmed, you can continue to play and make payments as you see fit. Usually, the documents can be sent by fax or mail.

Foreign casino sites without a Danish license or NemID are also subject to various local or European restrictions, especially when it comes to money transfers. Of course, since online casino games are legal to participate in for Danes, there is no problem in having to comply with these rules regarding your online winnings.

Always send personalized documentation with care. Never send copies of credit cards, passports or other personal information by mail. You will usually be asked for copies of the credit cards you use for the deposit, identifying documents and utility bills or bank statements confirming your address. All in all, a very easy procedure that only takes a few minutes.

What Types of Games Can You Play at a Foreign Online Casino?

The vast amount of gambling opportunities you find at various online casinos abroad is simply overwhelming. And you will, therefore, be able to find your favorites whether it is online Poker, Blackjack, Roulette or perhaps slot machines with different themes.

Foreign Gaming Machines Without NemID

For some, it can be overwhelming to choose from more than 1,600 exciting slots, but in return, you will surely find a handful of slots that can keep you entertained. Playing on slots without a Danish license has an advantage in the huge selection of games and themes. And of course, huge jackpot pools that can be won.

Poker Without a Danish License

Online Poker also draws many Danish players abroad. Here are several options to find for the poker player, e.g. no limit Texas Holdem poker, Omaha Poker, Seven-card stud, Five card draw, and other poker games. On poker sites without a Danish license, there are often also several large and exciting poker tournaments where it is possible to play against some of the world's best poker legends. These tournaments may be virtually impossible to find on the domestic poker sites with a Danish license. In addition, there are also some Danish poker players who want to play more anonymously. These poker players, who are often big players, search for the mentioned poker sites without a Danish license online. In addition, poker outside of Rofus is also an option that many people have found out is a solution if they no longer want to comply with their Rofus Ludomania registration and want to play online Poker without any time restrictions. (read more about Rofus at the bottom of this page)

Video Poker Online

Video Poker is another type of game that is in great demand for foreign online casinos without a Danish license. However, good Video Poker games are also available at many of the better Danish casinos and poker sites with a Danish license.

Do Danes Play at Foreign Casinos Without Danish License?

Playing at an online casino without a Danish license is quite legal for a Danish player. One could easily imagine that it is probably not legal when we in Denmark have our own game regulation and play licenses that deal with the use of NemID when playing casino games online or betting. So, as a Danish, you can't play at a Danish casino on the Internet without a timely registration. The same goes for Odds without NemID. But it is perfectly legal to play and use foreign online casinos without a Danish license.

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on My Winnings in Online Casinos Without a Danish License?

Yes, you should be aware that the winnings that you have won at casinos that do not have a Danish license or are registered or subject to another EU or EEA country’s gaming licenses are taxable. You must also be aware that you are responsible for reporting your winnings.

How do I know if my winnings are taxable?

If you have won money at a foreign online casino game, then SKAT states the following. A prize won on a foreign website will be tax-free if:

  • The gaming site is located in an EU/EEA country.
  • The provider of the game has a gaming license to provide gaming services and is at the same time approved and controlled by a public authority in the same country.
  • The corresponding game offered is legal and can be offered and played in Denmark

Approved Danish-licensed casinos may offer online games such as roulette, various types of poker, video poker, blackjack, baccarat, bingo and games on progressive jackpot slot machines

It is important to note that if the game and the current foreign gambling site do not meet the above requirements, then the winnings will be taxable in Denmark and must be calculated as personal income.

Winnings at Approved Danish Casinos With a License

Any winnings won at approved Danish casinos and betting sites with a Danish license are not subject to tax as the casino withholds the tax. You can find the list of Danish games and licensed casino pages here on the gaming authority’s website.

How Should I Report My Winnings?

In general, remember to write down any winnings you have won on foreign casino sites or betting sites without a Danish license and which are taxable on your annual statement. These gains must be noted in box 20, It is easy to do this yourself by logging on here.

What is Rofus?

Rofus is a self-exclusion program that helps people suffering from ludomania and gambling addicts. The program excludes the person from registering at casinos and playing on websites with Danish license through NemID.

Persons who are registered with Rofus will, for self-selected periods, be excluded from all Danish license registered casinos and other online gambling, betting and odds games. The Rofus Framework is controlled by the Danish Gambling Authority

It is advised that players who have voluntarily registered with Rofus use any foreign online casino without a Danish license or play a casino without NemID, just to be able to play games at an online casino without Rofus control.

Casino Without Rofus

Individuals who have went through a Rofus registration to control their cravings and addictions to gambling, odds and various online casino games cannot simply register for a gambling site or casino with a Danish license. All casinos and gaming sites with Danish licenses are obliged to use NemID for registration of new players. Thus you must use your NemID at login and therefore cannot play online casino without Rofus and NemID. Why Rofus registered players will not be able to sign up? Because it is not possible to play without Rofus at approved casinos in Denmark. This is a self-chosen and voluntary help for players who are prone to gambling addiction or who may be suffering from ludomania directly. So it’s a choice that should be respected.

The situation is somewhat different when signing up for various foreign betting sites, foreign odds pages and casinos without Danish licenses. These gambling sites are obviously not subject to the rules that apply for a Danish casino license, which is why it will be possible for people with a Rofus registration to register at these casinos to play casinos or odds outside of Rofus.

Therefore, it is advised that players who have registered voluntarily to use any foreign online casino without a Danish license or play a casino without NemID, just to be able to play games at an online casino without Rofus control.

Today there are more Danes joining Rofus than ever before. It is clear that the problem of gambling addiction and ludomania more than before has an impact on many people. Enrollment should be considered if you feel you have problems with all types of games, and that is regardless of the type of game. After signing up it is impossible to play casino games outside of Rofus, but at the same time, betting or odds around Rofus are no longer possible.

A Rofus Registration Cannot be Changed

If you have first opted in, it is a binding agreement that you must wait to expire. Unless you have chosen a completely permanent exclusion from gambling and gaming of course. In the case of permanent exclusion from the casino with Rofus, you will never be able to play on a betting site or casino with a Danish license as it is required by all Danish games with NemID.

Show personal responsibility when playing for money

Everyone should show personal responsibility when playing for money at Danish or foreign casinos and betting sites. accepts no responsibility for players and users' personal problems, any financial losses, legal consequences of gambling and gambling in general that may arise as a result of betting money on gambling on the Internet. If you feel that you lose control of your game at any time, or games affect you and your surrounding, then you should contact and immediately register for ROFUS.