Latest Welcome Casino Bonuses 2023

In the vast variety of online casinos, it may be a real challenge to pick the most rewarding one. As an option, you may want to get to know more about the opportunities which are given by the casinos welcome bonus. As they say: first impressions are most lasting. Here is an overview of the best welcome bonuses. You will also find out which types of welcome bonuses are there, what the players can expect to be included in the welcome bonus package, what wagering and cashing out requirements may be expected, and in general: what to pay attention to when we’re speaking about signup bonuses. This casino deposit bonus guide will help you pick out the most suitable first deposit bonus casino for you. We'll explain what criteria are taken into account when picking up the most suitable welcome bonus to help you make your decision.

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What is a Welcome Bonus??

Welcome bonuses are the gifts given by an online casino to the newly registered players, to have more chances to get to know the place better, to understand the specifics of this particular establishment, to get the most from the game, and to boost the wins.

A casino is interested in the player’s positive emotions, his satisfaction with the game, and the desire to come back and play more. That’s why it tries to make the best first impression by giving solid signup bonuses and thus greeting a new potential regular player.? Nowadays, signup bonuses have become a widely-spread concept in the online gambling community.?

Welcome bonuses are also often referred to as first deposit bonuses since they are given after a player makes his first deposit and they aim to motivate gamers to play on the site.?

NOTE:?There are some things you should know about welcome bonuses. Usually, such bonuses have specific terms and conditions that the players must meet. These can be:

  • Time limit – WB is valid for several days and the bonus money must be wagered within a specified period?
  • Eligible games – There is often a list of games where you can apply the given gifts (free spins)
  • Max bets and bonus amounts – You are often only allowed to bet and get a maximum bonus of a certain limit.

What else to pay attention to:

Deposit amount

How much are you going to deposit? As a rule, the first deposit bonus is the best offer that you may get from the casinos. So if you’re going to deposit 50 EUR, it’s better to look for a website that offers the bonus up to €50, so that you can get the maximum.

The Casino reputation and license

Does the casino at question have a valid license and a trustworthy reputation? Check out what games it offers, if it supports your language, its payment section, and support service, feedback from other players.

Wagering requirements

This one is important, so check whether it is bonus money or bonus money plus your own money that you have to wager.?

Other terms

Here the most important is to read carefully the small print?

Casino Bonus – How to calculate

If you want to know how much money to deposit in order to get the maximum bonus profit you can use a simple formula. You take the maximum bonus that's possible and divide it by the percentage which is split into decimal places after the first number.

Here how it all looks:

100% up to 100 EUR?
  • Maximum casino bonus available is 100 EUR
  • The first digit of the percentage is 1 (no decimal places are necessary as the other numbers are 0)
  • Divide 100 EUR by 1 for your answer (100 EUR / 1 = 100 EUR)
  • This way you need to deposit 100 EUR to get the maximum bonus in this case
125% up to €200 – How to max the bonus
  • ?Maximum casino bonus is 200 EUR
  • ?In this case, you would split the percentage to reach two decimal points – 125% =1.25
  • ?200 EUR / 1.25 = 160 EUR
  • ?This way you have to deposit 160 EUR to get the maximum 200 EUR bonus

NOTE: In case the percentages are lower than 100, you place the numbers after the decimal points – e.g. 50% would be 0.5.

Casino deposit bonus – Should I use it?

Casino deposit bonus – Should I use it?

Very often deposit bonuses are credited automatically after the deposit. In order to reject the offer, you have to contact the support before starting to play.?

The reasons for rejecting deposit bonuses may be:

Limits on how much you can actually win from the bonus.?
The maximum withdrawal amount may be 100 EUR and any wins that go over this amount will be taken away from you.

Limits on games to play.
This may mean that you have to play the same slots over a longer period.

Limits on bets.
Practically all casino deposit bonuses have is a maximum bet limit. If you bet more, even by accident, then the casino may take from you any winnings you made from the bonus.

High wagering
Very often wagering a first deposit casino bonus can take a while. You must remember, that the more wagering is required from you, the more likely you’ll lose your wins.

Best first deposit bonus casino?

The first deposit bonus is given after making your very first deposit. It grants you more money to play with before placing your first bet.?

Always keep in mind, that the best first deposit bonus casino is the one which is transparent, has at least a few years of history and flawless reputation, positive feedbacks from other gamers and a responsive support team.?

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Are first deposit bonuses cashable?

A cashable casino bonus is great. It allows you to cash out the money you have deposited and the bonus you have won without any exclusions, to the full extent. Non-cashable casino bonus allows you to cash out only the money you have won minus the initial bonus money you were given.

Unfortunately, it is not always made clear in the terms and conditions. However, you can always ask the customer support and find it out. Of course, it may take a little time, since not all the casinos provide live chats with instant replies. But if you’re really interested in the offer, it’s better to wait a bit and make everything clear.

Cashable vs. Non-Cashable Offers

The difference between cashable and non-cashable bonuses is not often emphasized by the casinos. As a rule, the players get to know about it when it comes to withdrawing cash. In short, we may put it the following way: Cashable bonuses allow you to withdraw the bonus amount itself, non-cashable bonuses do not.

In order to make it more understandable, here is an example: you are granted a 100 EUR bonus and you managed to hit a lucky strike and win 200 EUR with it, at the same time you were successful in fulfilling all wagering requirements. In case the bonus is cashable, you will cash out the total 300 EUR (100+200won). If it is non-cashable, you will be able to cash out only 200 EUR you’ve won.

Types of Casino Bonuses

There are a few various categories of welcome bonuses. However, the most common of them are cash match deposit bonuses.? Usually, the players get a certain percentage, normally 100% up to a certain amount, after making a deposit.

Moreover, very often such offers pair match deposit bonuses with a specified amount of free spins, which are valid for certain slots, as a rule. The percentages can range from 25% to 200% or even 500% if the offers are a part of a welcome bonus package. Such welcome packs often consist of 3-5 offers for the first 3-5 deposits. It should be mentioned, that at present the casinos try to make their welcome bonuses more individual, more exclusive, by inventing some new and interesting perks. This way, the players may be offered to get special comp points, double points or cashback as part of the welcome bonus pack. The offers are becoming more and more interesting since every casino tries to preserve its individuality and win the players over.

Most common types of Welcome Bonuses

Free spins Bonus

Free spins may be awarded to the player in different ways: with your first deposit, as a gift according to a loyalty program, as prizes in tournaments and other promotions. They allow you to have a go on selected slots. This type of bonus is very widespread and it may bring you a nice profit.

Deposit Match Casino Bonus

A deposit match casino bonus can be worth a lot, in contrast to the no deposit bonus. This is one of the most profitable bonus offers since it has the power to double the money of the players. In other words, the higher bet you make, the more you will be given in bonus funds.?

No deposit Casino Bonus

This kind of bonus does not have any depositing requirements. All you have to do to get it is to register with the casino, pass verification if needed, and get your bonus. Naturally, as you may expect with such a generous offer, it often has a lot of terms and conditions attached to it. However, if you just want to play for fun, with a chance of winning and no investments, this may the best option for you.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is a guaranteed bonus for a certain minimum first deposit. It may be implemented in different ways. Each casino decides independently how the deposit bonus will look and what it will include. Every online gaming institution tries to design some special conditions, to make the offer more attractive to the player and catch his attention. These bonuses help casinos attract new customers and keep them playing a bit longer.?

Loyalty Casino Bonus

Loyalty bonuses are triggered at regular intervals. This way, even if you played at a casino only once, after a certain period of time you will be able to get the loyalty bonus and use it. However, those who play more often and, consequently, spend at the casino more cash, often are offered more advantageous loyalty bonuses. This way, high rollers, making large, regular deposits may get solid cashback from some casino operators, in order to make up for a share of the amount lost.?

Choosing the Most Suitable Welcome Bonus

When choosing the bonus that will suit you best, first of all, you have to get familiar with its terms and conditions.

Then compare it to several different casinos. Also pay attention to the maximum amount credited to you within the framework of each bonus offer, as well as wagering requirements that you have to meet and time limit.

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How to cash out a Welcome Bonus?

Every casino’s review will have particular requirements regarding how many times a deposit bonus must be wagered at that particular casino. This prevents you from making the wrong choice and gives you a clear picture of how interesting each offer may be to you.

Most casinos have wagering requirements on bonuses, which means that you’re not able to cash out your wins straight away. In most cases, you are to roll the amount over a specific number of times, it may be from 10x to 70x!

Nevertheless, some online gambling establishments do not attach any wagering requirements to their deposit bonuses at all! It is difficult to believe, but it happens. That’s a very rare case, of course.

What Games Can be played Using The Welcome Bonuses??

As a rule, bonuses can be used for some specified games only, or at least not all the games. The casino usually lists all of the applied games in the terms and conditions of the bonus, that’s why it is so important to read those carefully.

In some cases the number of games applied may be quite small, in other cases, it may be quite large, and very often only the games of a specific provider will be eligible. Sometimes specific games are restricted because of the Return-To-Player percentage. Those games that give players more chances to win are restricted by the casinos because the establishment doesn’t want to lose that much money.

Welcome Bonus: what you should and shouldn’t do:

You should:

  • Find out everything regarding its wagering conditions
  • Make sure the payment methods available suit you
  • Check out all location restrictions
  • Find out if there are any bonus codes
  • Try to find the best bonuses available
  • Ensure you know the withdrawal times and limits

You shouldn’t:

  • Be tempted by big bonus amounts, since they might have some hidden sides, which may turn to be less attractive
  • Fail to check the terms and conditions
  • Think the bonus is granted to you automatically, not always it happens this way
  • Attempt to cash out if you failed to meet the wagering requirements
  • Avoid using no-wagering bonuses.

No Welcome Bonuses Casinos?

There are certain online gambling establishments, which seem to do pretty well without wagering requirements, and they are called ‘no wagering casinos’. They started to appear due to the fact that wagering requirements are becoming more and more unfair in some cases. Since wagering requirements are usually used with welcome bonuses, the casinos decided to get rid of welcome bonuses and thus eliminate the problem.

In all the other aspects these institutions are just like any ordinary online casinos, it’s just that they do not offer any welcome gifts.
Depositing, playing, wining, and withdrawing is just the same. The fun is that you aren’t burdened with fulfilling all these irritating wagering requirements.

So, if you’re sick and tired of all those requirements, such casinos are just for you! Simple, clear, and still no less fun.

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Welcome Bonuses With Free Spins

Now we shall talk about cases when free spins are included in your welcome bonus package.

The first thing you should do is to check the wagering conditions on both the free spins and the bonuses. In the majority of cases they’re not the same, so check it out in order not to get any surprises afterward.

After that, you should also check the game restrictions on the free spins and the bonuses, since they may differ as well. The free spins may come in a staggered release, or all at once, so make sure you find it out too.

Welcome bonus free spins are often released over a certain amount of time, they may come in batches of 10 with an interval of 10 days, for example.

Welcome Bonus Reload Offers

Some welcome bonus packages consist of multiple deposit rewards.

This may mean that you will have to deposit many times to claim all of them. Those deposit bonuses which are granted after the 1st Welcome Bonus are the reload bonuses, and they may come lots of times, but most commonly from 1 to 3. Their value also varies a lot. Usually, the last bonus is attractive and you are required to deposit up to 4 times to get it.

Benefits of a Casino Bonus

With so many terms and conditions associated with the casino bonus deals for new players, one can’t help wondering if a casino bonus is worth having at all.

Here are some of the benefits these offers might bring:

  • they give you a chance to find out more about a new gambling establishment and see if you like it or not. This helps you to investigate the casino from the inside and see how it all works and what you may expect.
  • free spins bonus is a great way to learn about the games they apply to, understand how to play them, their specifics, get a lot of practice and sharpen your gaming skills without any extra costs.?
  • everyone loves getting presents. The fact itself that you are presented with a bonus makes the game much more pleasant and joyful. And in our opinion, that’s what online gambling is all about - positive emotions and the thrill you get when playing. Please note, that winning is not the main goal of playing online since too often players have to say goodbye to their money. But its the process of the game that makes it worthy, the fun you get while playing, the thrill from taking up the challenge, and risking it all.

Treat online gambling as a way to relax and have a good time, and you will never lose!

Welcome Bonus Terms And Conditions

We have repeatedly highlighted in this article the importance of reading the terms and conditions of a welcome bonus carefully. Now we’re going to make really clear which things you should pay the greatest attention to.?

What you need to look out for in the terms and conditions:

  • check on the wagering conditions and if they apply to the bonus + deposit or only the bonus.
  • check the game values for wagering conditions.??
  • check the exclusive bonuses, since they only apply if you’re not using any other bonus at the moment.
  • check the location restrictions, since some bonuses are also region-specific and residents from certain countries cannot claim them.
  • check the payment methods, since in some cases the methods you used when depositing may exclude you from getting a bonus.?
  • check the ‘bonus codes’, since not using them when needed will disqualify you from claiming your bonus.